12th Street catering continues to provide unparalleled service & spectacular events

July 10, 2020

Events may not look exactly as they used to: social distancing practices, safety and sanitation measures, and new food presentation styles are at the forefront of event planning. Although the catering industry is in flux, between our 40 years of experience, passion for great food, and outstanding customer service, we can guarantee we will continue to provide unparalleled spectacular events, even if they do look a little bit different!

Over the last few months, we have provided individually packaged meals for social celebrations and corporate meetings, delivered meals to 20-200 people all attending the same virtual event, and have packaged over 50,000 meals for frontline hospital employees and those with food insecurity through our partnerships with generous donors, nonprofits, and the city of Philadelphia.

Whether we are discussing an event with a long-term client or planning the first event with a new client, we always ensure you will feel heard, recognized, and understood. We continue to learn about how we can help you, and through our conversations, we’ve come to find that one solution does not fit all — your needs are so varied, from casual to fine-dining, from individually packaged deliveries to full-service multi-course meals. That is why we remain flexible and provide a variety of options that meet these different needs.

For example, most of our boxed meals have traditionally been more casual — such as boxed sandwiches or salads — but we have since upgraded what we can package individually while maintaining beautiful presentations. This will elevate your meetings and events while keeping an emphasis on individual safety and comfort.

We are also catering a number of “micro-weddings” — currently for no more than 25 guests. Those who planned to get married this summer still want to get married, but need to alter their vision. For some, this means a ceremony in 2020, followed by the proper reception in 2021. Others are switching gears entirely, investing their time into their mini-wedding this year.

We are working with our clients to figure out how we can make the right changes to make this the perfect day and make sure their guests are happy, comfortable, and well-fed.

Over the next few months, we anticipate there will be an increased demand for individually packaged drop-off events. We have created a revamped drop-off menu that features a slew of new offerings to meet this need. We are excited to show our repeat clients that they can still have variety, while ensuring their guests’ comfort and safety.

We are one of the only green catering companies in Philadelphia, and individual packaging is inherently less green than our mission, but we were able to find balsa wood and rice paper boxes so that we could offer items like our beautiful Celebration Packages for a variety of virtual events, and have sourced new eco-friendly compostable packaging for our individually packaged delivery menu.

Our top priority is the health and safety of our clients, their guests, and our employees. As Philadelphia enters the green phase, we will begin to cater more and more events, but we will also implement socially distant guidelines and individually packaged items for full-service events.

To learn more, read our health and safety practices.

Whatever our clients’ needs are, we continue to listen. It is much easier to do the job right when you genuinely care about producing a high-quality product and making sure that your clients are happy, above all else!

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