12th Street Catering’s In-House Pastry Kitchen Makes the Last Course the Most Memorable

November 2, 2021

Looking for a sweet way to elevate your next event? 12th Street Catering’s 32,000 square-foot headquarters is home to an in-house pastry kitchen equipped to dish up all of your favorite post-dinner treats. While many caterers use outside vendors or prepackaged confections, our expert team of pastry chefs will work directly with you to dream up delicious desserts that are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth for any occasion.

All of our desserts are handmade in-house with the same attention to detail as our savory offerings. This allows us to provide custom selections and a wide variety of options that satisfy an array of dietary restrictions and flavor preferences. Whether you wish to incorporate a family recipe, highlight a company logo, or want to fit a personalized theme, our pastry team is here to make it happen.

Having an in-house bakery also allows our hors d’oeuvres, salads, and main course selections to be elevated with house-made garnishes and accents. All of our cheese boards and displays feature handmade items such as savory biscotti, sesame crackers, caramelized onion rugelach, or our roasted garlic palmiers.

We uphold our reputation as a premier caterer by working with a number of local and domestic vendors that provide the highest quality ingredients. We use edible flowers and herbs from our gardens to garnish as many pastries and cakes as possible! We also work directly with sustainable Philadelphia-based creamery Weckerly’s Ice Cream for all of our frozen treat needs. The homemade small-batch ice cream perfectly complements our unique dessert offerings.

Our pastry kitchen is constantly creating fresh, innovative, and delicious new menu items and dishes. Some of our latest additions for fall include:

  • Homemade crackers with seasonally focused herbs
  • Warm brioche buns with brushed butter & fleur de sel
  • Edible chocolate flower terracotta pots with fresh mint grown from our rooftop garden
  • Roasted plum cheesecake bites
  • Panna cotta and pot de crème
  • Pomegranate crullers paired with a mulled hot apple cider shooter

Culinary trends have shown a departure from traditional tiered wedding cakes to more inventive options like miniature pastries and interactive dessert stations. Think donut bars, churro bars, or even cronut bars (one of our favorites!). These options allow guests to taste test a multitude of delectable treats.

Make the last course the most memorable with unique pastries and desserts created by the highly experienced pastry chefs at 12th Street Catering!

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