Sustainability is in the 12th Street Catering DNA

April 22nd, 2020

While the national movement toward sustainability and green practices grows stronger every year, 12th Street Catering has always believed that it’s our corporate responsibility to lower our impact on natural resources and the environment. 

We don’t just talk the talk; we walk the walk. As one of the very few green catering companies in Philadelphia, and a proud member of the Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia, our team is dedicated to eco-friendly practices throughout all operations, from planning through production and execution. These include: 

  • Using biodegradable plates and utensils made from fallen palm leaves and corn starch for all corporate deliveries 
  • Sourcing purveyors who offer the freshest local ingredients 
  • Implementing company-wide recycling policies for plastic and an on-site compactor for recycling cardboard
  • Composting all leftover ingredients in our commissary kitchen and using compostable trash bags 
  • Providing paper-free proposals and using only recycled paper for inner office messaging  
  • Sourcing ingredients from our rooftop herb, vegetable, and wildflower garden 

12th Street Catering chefs can create entirely plant-based meals as we constantly innovate in the search of healthy and more sustainable eating. For example, we are working with plant-based Impossible Foods “meat” and have also curated a vegan charcuterie board with locally sourced “cheese” and “charcuterie” – we are loving the plant-based mozzarella! Look out for these innovative options on our upcoming 2020 menus! 

Sustainability and reducing one’s carbon footprint are top priorities for consumers now, who are more socially conscious and paying more attention to topics such as food waste. We love being able to combine our passion for great food with sustainability, and intend to continue being heralds as an Earth-friendly company with a green philosophy.  

As we continue to donate meals to local hospitals and the traditional model of catering is changing, we are shifting our focus to individual packaging for the consumers health and safety. We are currently researching how we can move forward in the most sustainable way possible to leave a low carbon footprint while providing delicious meals.  

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