Micro-weddings: When happily ever after can’t wait, 12th Street Catering is here to plan your celebration

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August 20, 2020

Happily ever after doesn’t have to wait.

Even as the COVID pandemic continues, the 12th Street Catering team is helping couples plan their weddings in 2020. Spring and early summer are typically peak wedding season, so just weeks after the shutdown caused by the pandemic came along in Philadelphia, couples began exploring their options right away! Weddings will look different this year, but the 12th Street team can help you plan a unique event that is important to you. With a focus on safety and comfort, we are making sure couples still have a beautiful — and delicious — wedding celebration, no matter the size!

Couples are choosing to celebrate their love in a number of ways: Some are swapping their big wedding in favor of an intimate, smaller event this year for close family and friends, while others are making it official on their planned wedding date with a legal ceremony, but they are waiting until 2021 for the wedding reception.

And then there are couples who are doing a combination of the two; they are having a micro-wedding in 2020 with close family and friends, and then they are having a big celebration in 2021. This option gives couples two very different, but equally wonderful, celebrations: intimate and romantic in 2020, and joyful and fun in 2021.

In the last few months, we have catered a number of micro-weddings, with a variety of options suitable for different styles, including:

  • Keep with the standard flow of a wedding (cocktail hour, dinner service, dessert), but with an emphasis on safety throughout. One solution for this is with individual hors d’oeuvres, whether they’re butlered hors d’oeuvres on individual tasting plates (with acrylic safety screens) or individual vessels full of crudité, dips, grains, and proteins for safe snacking during cocktail hour.
  • Our Celebration Packages have taken the form of cooler bags for weddings for safe and delicious dining. These packages are filled with room temperature hors d’oeuvres or full meals. Guests can share their bag with close family members at their table, and they can socialize with other guests at a distance.

Although these weddings are smaller, the intimacy of these events have been so meaningful to our clients who have been able to host these affairs. These once-a-lifetime moments now get to be celebrated and remembered as unique and incredibly special.

Our top priority is the health and safety of our clients, their guests, and our employees. We have implemented COVID guidelines and individually packaged items for full-service events. Our safety practices include acrylic boards with passing trays, safely spaced tables and chairs, plastic barriers on bars or stations, plate covers, and more. To learn more, read our health and safety practices.

The process of planning and re-planning a wedding can be stressful, but the 12th Street Catering team can help you plan your dreamy micro-wedding. Get in touch with us by emailing info@12stcatering.com.dream.website.

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