12th Street Catering providing much-needed comfort in the New Year

January 11, 2021

2020 was a year that brought major transformations in more ways than one. The food and beverage industry has been flipped on its head, but with change comes new opportunities.

Since COVID-19 has hit our region, 12th Street Catering has been focused on continuing to provide our same great flavor and pairing it with necessary updated experience offerings.  With our exclusive shippable meal boxes and new Virtual Cooking Classes led by our award-winning Executive Chef, 12th Street Catering has something for every event.

A new year often inevitably leads to thoughts based around resolutions.  Everyone wants to start the year off with a change in nutrition, exercise routines, and healthy habits. We at 12th Street love maintaining positive habits to keep a healthy mind and body, but after 2020 we all deserve a little comfort, so in the new year we want to bring on the comfort foods we know we all need, starting off with a comfort-food focused cooking class.

New Paella menu & cooking class

During 2020, we brought you new menu items and Virtual Cooking Classes so that you could continue to celebrate life’s moments. This year, we expect there to be a continued trend of home cooking, so we’re offering additional ways to spend time with loved ones or engage with your employees.

All of our current cooking classes provide comfort, from our Mediterranean Flavor Class to our 12th Street Cantina menu with Yucatan Chicken Tacos (or Tofu!), and more. All of our menus are well balanced and more importantly, fun!

We are excited to announce our newest demo experience which allows guests to learn the ins and outs of creating a crowd favorite comfort dish, paella! The menu consists of:

-Chicken, Chorizo, & Shrimp Paella with Bomba Rice, Sofrito & English Peas

-Oven Roasted Piquillo Peppers with Sherry Vinegar, Thyme, Garlic

-Toasted Baguette with Saffron-Chipotle Aioli

-Tres Leches Cake From Our In-House Pastry Kitchen

The flavorful Paella menu requires a bit more technique that not every home cook has mastered. We want everyone at home to leave our Cooking Classes with newfound culinary knowledge while creating a delicious meal.

Paella was the perfect dish to accomplish these goals. And it doesn’t hurt that 12th Street Catering’s Executive Chef Adam DeLosso is award-winning for his paella!

Meet new friends virtually through food

This year, we wanted to make our innovative classes and delicious meals more accessible by making them open to the public, where attendees will be virtually making meals alongside our Executive Chef and other participants.

It’s another great way to be with new people while still apart. We’re starting this off with our Paella Cooking Class on Friday, February 12th at 5:30 p.m., open to the public. Attendees will pay for their Virtual Cooking Class plus delivery, then join our chef-led classes with other attendees who also signed up for the Cooking Class! Email us at info@12stcatering.com.dream.website or call 215.386.8595 to register.

The Paella kit is $100 per kit for two people, with the option to add on your own paella pan (for future paella nights!). Each kit comes with individually packaged and labeled ingredients, a recipe card, an ingredient list, and a menu. The cooking kit cost includes our Executive Chef to lead the class and the video technician; it does not include delivery, which ranges depending upon delivery location.

We do offer a variety of other menus for our private group Virtual Cooking Classes available by reservation – reach out to us to learn more! Get in touch with us today for your next virtual get-together or if you’d like to learn more about our Virtual Cooking Classes. Email us at info@12stcatering.com.dream.website or call 215.386.8595.

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