From the Client’s Perspective: Why My Company Chooses 12th Street for Drop-Off Catering

At 12th Street Catering, we’ve been serving a number of businesses around the Philadelphia area for years and are proud to be the preferred drop-off caterer to many of them. But don’t take our word for it! We sat down with one of our clients, Aleta Arthurs and asked her why 12th Street Catering has been her preferred caterer for more than ten years.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and the catering needs that you have.

I am the Manager for Meetings & Special Programs for the library system at University of Pennsylvania. As the key point person for all events and meetings, I’m in charge of booking all catering and food services for our 16 libraries at the University.


How long have you been using 12th Street Catering for drop-off catering services?

Oh wow, it has to be 13 years. Over those years we’ve worked with many different employees at 12th Street, but the service has always been consistently excellent.


What do you like best about 12th Street Catering?

I love their promptness and ability to handle last minute requests. The staff has been great for coming through in a pinch in times when we didn’t have months to plan. There’s been very few times that they were too busy to book us.


Why does Drop Off Catering work so well for you?

Drop off catering is simple yet makes everything easy on us as the client. There is no need for staffing, you only pay for the cost of the food and the delivery, and everything comes exactly as we need it! The food is fresh, the delivery is well organized, and the experience is always seamless.


What is your favorite spread to order?

What we order always depends on the type of meeting. Our go-to order is the Executive Lunch Buffet Sandwich Spread. We love having the option to always include a gluten-free option, as well as a vegetarian option for our guests.

Another favorite spread is the Build-Your-Own-Salad Bar. You get lots of options with proteins, green salads, pasta salads. Today there are so many dietary restrictions and preferences, we know 12th Street Catering can accommodate a large number of needs! 


Tell us about a particular experience that was outstanding with 12th Street Catering.

We had a last-minute meeting scheduled with the Vice Provost. The meeting was at 8:30am the following morning and we only found about scheduling it at 4:30pm the night before. We wanted to do something special and have a full continental breakfast. 12th Street Catering was able to come through in a pinch and accommodate us with an impressive spread. Partnering with 12th Street Catering makes me look good and do my job the best that I can!


Any last thoughts or comments?

Excellence in service truly starts at the top and trickles down to everyone with 12th Street Catering. We look forward to booking their outstanding catering again in the future!


Choose from one of our breakfast, lunch or dinner menus, or work with 12th Street Catering to design a custom array of options that accommodates you and your guests’ dietary needs and taste buds. Our drop-off catering crew will deliver freshly prepared, gourmet meals for parties of ten or more, straight to your conference table.


Call us today to book your stress free and delicious drop-off catering spread!


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