5 Ways to Make Your Wedding Catering More Personalized

Your wedding should be an incredible reflection of you and your fiancé. Every choice you make, from the design of your invitations and the type of band you hire to the type of food you serve is an opportunity to reveal a bit of your identity as a couple to your guests.

If you’d like to add a personalized touch to the food at your wedding, you can count on 12th Street Catering. Here are five ways we can personalize your wedding catering:

  1. Family Recipes

Do you have a traditional family recipe? We’ll gladly prepare it as part of your wedding catering. Whether you’d like us to prepare a special pasta sauce that your great grandmother used to make or a type of dessert that your family enjoys at every special occasion, we have you covered.

  1. First Date Meals

If memories of your first date with your fiancé still makes your heart skip a beat, then you’ll love the idea of recreating your first date menu at your wedding. Tell us what you enjoyed together on your first date and we’ll prepare it for your guests at your wedding reception.

  1. Favorite Desserts

Desserts today are so much more than cake! If you have a favorite certain dessert, we can create a dessert bar with the sweets of your choice. From gelato to brownies, cookies and caramel popcorn, leave your guests with lingering memories of your favorite sweet treats. All of our desserts are handmade in-house by our professional pastry chef. Enjoy!

  1. Ethnic Dishes

If you would like to incorporate your family heritage into your wedding day, you’re in luck because we’ll gladly prepare ethnic dishes. From Mexican dishes to Middle Eastern dishes and Asian dishes, we do it all!

  1. Signature Drinks

Did your fiancé propose to you while you were sipping pina coladas on a tropical beach? If there is a certain drink or cocktail that is meaningful to you and your fiancé, we’ll gladly serve it to your guests as a signature drink.


At 12th Street Catering, we are committed to helping you host a one-of-a-kind wedding through our personalized wedding catering services. For more information on our top-notch wedding catering, we encourage you to contact us today.

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